The Good Bunch

How It Works

Fresh from the farm and bakers over, to your door in 24 hours!

We know that mainstream supermarkets often have produce sitting in containers, warehouses and on shelves for upwards of a year! There’s something very not right about that, and we believe everyone should have access to the highest quality nourishing produce and products. 

That’s why we’ve built a simple, click to order platform that cuts out the middlemen and provides you direct access to market fresh, and oven baked goodness! Straight from the local growers and suppliers. We bundle up hand picked quality produce, premium products and exclusive one offs for you to enjoy - like Sonoma’s best selling exclusive cafe range. 

There’s no complicated forms, cart building, long wait times, or clunky processes. Just a simple box of goodness dropped off to your house the next day - so you can have freshness at your fingertips, without having to step foot outside.